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Whether potential clients are looking for daily, weekly or one-off cleans, Beebys can meet those needs. Additionally, Beebys offers all of the related cleaning services such as window cleaning, janitorial supplies and more

 Here at Beebys, we are dedicated to providing office and commercial cleaning in and around the area of Milton Keynes. We have been in business for over 40 years and during that time we have built ourselves quite the stellar reputation amongst customers looking for office cleaning in Milton Keynes.

Our cleaning services, including both commercial and office cleaning are personalised to suit the customers needs so no two jobs are the same. We provide regular cleaning or one offs depending on what it is that you are looking for. If we were cleaning a huge office building in Milton Keynes, we would send out a team of workers, while a small office building would generally only need one qualified individual to attend.

Despite their experience, our office cleaning staff continue to have regular training so that they can perfect and improve all the cleaning techniques they use. This ensures that you always get the best service possible.

We have several supervisors at Beebys and these are the individuals who help to oversee the work being done by staff members. They also train and monitor staff to ensure that they possess all the skills necessary to carry out top notch cleaning jobs. We only employ the best office cleaners that Milton Keynes has to offer.

If you require just one or two areas of your business cleaned, we provide the following one stop shop services. If there is anything you need that isn’t listed below, feel free to let us know during your initial enquiry.


– General office cleaning in Milton Keynes.

– Commercial cleaning in Milton Keynes.

– Carpet cleaning services in Milton Keynes.

– Janitorial suppliers including toilet roll, waste sacks and soap.

– Healthcare cleaning in Milton Keynes.

– Floor cleaning in Milton Keynes.

– School cleaning in Milton Keynes.

– Window cleaning in Milton Keynes.

Commercial Cleaning Team Milton Keynes

No matter what commercial cleaning needs you might have at your business in Milton Keynes, we promise to be the company to offer you a 5 star service. We have many customers around Milton Keynes who we clean for regularly, and we at Beebys are rated highly because of our high quality commercial cleaning service – which is done at reasonable prices.

We are confident that no matter what the size of your business might be, we can provide an amazing job for all your cleaning requirements. We follow strict quality control guidelines and why we aim to get all tasks done quickly and efficiently, we also abide by this in order to provide a smooth process to commercial cleaning clients around Milton Keynes.

For your peace of mind, we have a “cover team”, which means that if any of our regular team are absent, we have other qualified staff who can fill in so that the schedule of work is not disrupted in any way.

If you have any cleaning needs that you think Beebys can help with, please get in touch with your requirements and we can take things from there. Call Milton Keynes number 1 commercial cleaning company – Beebys.

Beebys provides many of its clients with multiple services, but can offer both one off and regular contracts for any or all of its services for any size commercial premises.


‘’Our head office is based in Peterborough but we provide services throughout East Anglia”

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